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Labour Inspectorate FAQs

What workplace matters does the Labour Inspectorate Unit address?
 The Labour Inspectorate Unit addresses the following workplace issues: 

  1. Hours of work and wages for Minimum Wage Workers, overtime pay, special rates of pay for work done on off days and public holidays. 
  2. Terms and Conditions for the Minimum Wage Workers such as sick leave and vacation leave; meal and rest breaks. 
  3. Maternity Leave for pregnant female workers in any work place in Trinidad and Tobago. 
  4. Child Labour Prevention – Ensuring that young persons under the age of sixteen (16) are not employed. 

How to report a matter to the Labour Inspectorate Unit?

  • A complaint should be reported to the Labour Inspectorate Unit (LIU) office by the affected worker. 
  • The complainant should visit any one of the Labour Inspectorate offices and should bring with them documents such as a contract, pay slip or correspondence to support their information with regard to wages and other terms and conditions of work. He/she should have the correct name and address of the business and the name of the owner. 
  • The Labour Inspector will assess the information given to determine whether a compliant should be taken or if advice or a referral should be given. 
  • If a complaint is valid the Labour Inspector will complete the compliant form by asking the worker a number of questions. All information provided is treated as confidential. 
  • The complainant will be asked to sign the complaint form to verify the information and also provide a valid form of Identification. 
  • The complaint will be assigned to a Labour Inspector for investigation. 

What is the National Minimum Wage?

  • The National Minimum Wage is currently seventeen dollars and fifty cents ($17.50) per hour exclusive of gratuities, service charges and commissions. 
  • No worker in Trinidad and Tobago should be paid less than $17.50 per hour. 

Who is a minimum wage worker?
A minimum wage worker is anyone whose hourly or equivalent rate of pay is $26.25 or less.

What are the entitlements of a minimum wage worker?
A minimum wage worker is entitled to: 

  • To be paid a wage rate of at least $17.50 per hour for an 8-hour work day or a 40-hour work week. 
  • To a meal break of not less than three-quarters of an hour and an additional rest break of no less than a quarter of an hour. 
  • To be paid the overtime rate set out in the Second Schedule of the Minimum Wages Order 2014, for work performed beyond eight (8) hours on a working day, forty (40) hours on a work week, on off days and on public holidays. 

What is the legal age of employment in Trinidad and Tobago?
The legal age of employment in Trinidad and Tobago is sixteen (16) years. The Children Act No. 12 of 2012 Section 105, states... “a child under the age of sixteen years shall not be employed or work in any public or private undertaking ....”

Where is the Labour Inspectorate Unit located?
The offices of the Labour Inspectorate Unit are located as follows: 

  1. The Unit has two (2) permanent offices which are open to the public, Mondays to Thursdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. and on Fridays from 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. at:- 

          i. Level 3 Duke Place, 50-54 Duke Street, Port-of-Spain. Telephone: 299-0300 Option 3. 
         ii. 3rd Floor, Hosein’s Building 40-42 St. James Street, San Fernando. Telephone: 285-5133 Option 4. 

      2. A Labour Inspector is present at the following locations one (1) day per month from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. 

           i. 1st Tuesday: One Stop Career Resource Centre. Siparia Administrative Complex, Siparia. Telephone: 649-0982. 

          ii. 2nd Tuesday: Co – operatives Development Division. Brierley Street, Sangre Grande. Telephone: 668-7604. 

          iii. 3rd Thursday: One Stop Career Resource Centre. John & Lange Sts., Montrose Chaguanas. Telephone: 665-6658. 

          iv. 3rd Thursday: Cemetery Street, Toco. Telephone: 670-1503 

          v. Every Tuesday: Labour Inspectorate Unit, Frisco Junction, Point Fortin. Telephone: 648-5810 

         vi. Services in Tobago can be accessed at:- TAM Building, Lot #2, Rooms 2 & 2A Glen Road, Scarborough, Tobago. Telephone: 387-0856

How do I get information on my rights and responsibilities as a worker?
A worker can get information on their rights and responsibilities by visiting or calling any one of the Labour Inspectorate Unit offices to speak with a Labour Inspector. 

Can I get information on my obligations to my workers & my rights as an employer?
Yes, the Labour Inspectors provide information to both workers and employers and to the general public. Anyone can visit or call any one of the Labour Inspectorate offices to speak with a Labour Inspector. 

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