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Conciliation Advisory and Advocacy

conciliation-iconThe Conciliation Advisory and Advocacy Division (CAAD) is responsible for managing the resolution of labour conflict in the society, including the private sector, state enterprises sector and specific public sector entities. It is also responsible for carrying out key provisions of the Industrial Relations Act, Chapter 88:01 (IRA), under the delegated authority of the Minister of Labour and for advising the Minister and the Permanent Secretary of the state of industrial relations in the country. The IRA provides the legislative framework governing industrial relations practice in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Conciliation Advisory and Advocacy Division provides a suite of services which include, but are not limited to:

  • Dispute Resolution - Conducting conciliation proceedings between employers and unions in rights disputes (e.g. dismissals, suspensions, warning letters etc) and interest disputes – mainly breakdown in negotiations for collective agreements.
  • Walk-in Client/Call-in Services - Providing advice and assistance to non-unionized workers and employers in respect of matters arising from individual employment relationships.
  • Advisory Services - Providing information and advice to unions, workers and employers on the principles and practice of good industrial relations, including the fundamental rights to natural justice.
  • Outreach - Conducting workshops/ seminars on Industrial Relations issues for unions, employers, non-governmental organizations, senior public officers and small and micro enterprises.

Important Facts:
Employees who are not members of Trade Unions may seek the advice and assistance of the Conciliation Advisory and Advocacy Division for any work related issue. 

The services provided by the Conciliation Advisory and Advocacy Division are available to employees, employers, unions and the general public.

Asesoramiento para casos de Conciliación y Defensa


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