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Welcome to the official website of the Ministry of Labour where we aspire to be the leader in promoting entrepreneurship and Decent Work in Trinidad and Tobago. We intend to achieve this by engaging our labour stakeholders to form a consensus on labour policies and programmes, reviving the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee (IRAC) and establishing a registry for domestic workers.

It is also expected that by strengthening the present legislative framework with a view to conceptualizing Decent Work, we can achieve greater equity in the labour market, promote greater production and tolerance on the job and reduce discrimination in our country’s labour force.

As Trinidad and Tobago’s influence in the Caribbean and the Western hemisphere increases, we at the Ministry also recognize that our responsibilities at the regional and global level must correspondingly increase. To this end, our respective service units at the Ministry are geared toward raising HIV/AIDS awareness on the job; sustaining lives through increased participation in the job market; establishing more opportunities for networking and heightening our presence within international organizations such as the International Labour Organisation (I.L.O.)

These efforts of the Ministry are also in keeping with the Government’s commitment to people-centred progress. We believe that a more educated and empowered labour force will serve as the basis for Trinidad and Tobago’s socio-economic sustainability. We further believe that any enabling environment that inter alia supports employment creation and sustainable enterprise development and is geared toward success must recognize the close relationship between development and labour. 

With your continued feedback and the support of our stakeholders, the Ministry will continue to serve the national community in ensuring remains the bedrock upon which our country’s future is built.