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20 Years of Preparing Young Graduates For The World of Work!

Hip Hip Hooray! We are taking time off to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the On-the-Job Training Programme (OJT). The Programme will turn 20 years since its implementation on April 1st 2002. The Division designed a yearlong celebration and recognition itinerary to reflect on the OJT Programme’s life’s journey. The theme which echoes its core mission and commemorates its 20 years of existence, growth and service to the nation’s youth is “Impacting Lives, Developing the Next Labour Force”.

Commencing in December 2021 the staff, training providers, trainees and other stakeholders of the Programme have been engaging in events and activities geared towards celebrating the milestone achievements of the OJT. To kickstart the activities, the staff of the OJT Division successfully hosted a Christmas Food Hamper Distribution throughout Trinidad and Tobago in collaboration with stakeholders including the Ministry of Social Development and Family Services.

January 2022 was a month filled with inspiration. For 20 consecutive days, staff received uplifting inspirational quotes to empower them to lead their best holistic lives.OJT  20th Ann. Logo

February's activities soon followed with the hosting of the OJT Division’s first Twitter Spaces Forum. This was a celebratory moment in itself since the platform allowed participants to interact with followers of the Ministry of Labour’s Twitter Page. Over one hundred and twenty-five (125) listeners joined in on the discussions led by the Director of the OJT Division, Ms. Joann David and included the Programme’s psychologist, training providers and past and current trainees.

The OJTD segwayed into March with a staff trivia on information related to the Programme. This activity sought to determine how much the staff of the Ministry of Labour (MOL) knew about the purpose, objectives and operations while raising awareness of the On-the-Job Training Programme. Congratulations to all the MOL winners!

In its anniversary month-April, celebrations will culminate with the hosting of the OJT's 20th Anniversary Award Ceremony, where the Division’s staff, trainees and training providers of the OJT Programme will be recognised for their service, participation and partnerships that contributed to the success of the OJT Programme over the last twenty years. The Award Ceremony will acknowledgestaff members for their service; trainees for their Ambassadorship; and Training Providersfor their Outstanding Partnership.

Despite all the changes and challenges that the OJT Programme has encountered throughout its 20 years, there are many accomplishments worth acknowledging as it continues to evolve. The OJT Programme has proved its sustainability and significant contribution to the national economic development through the achievement of its core mandate to develop the human resource capital in Trinidad and Tobago. This is attained by the engagement of both private and public sector employers to facilitate new graduates between 16-35 years and provide practical workplace, work-based training aimed at increasing their employment readiness skills.

As we continue this celebration throughout the year, we recognise the contribution of all who have gone before us and we stand on their shoulders. After 20 years, the Division plans to review its Programme design with an aim to re-engineer its processes and engagement to ensure alignment with the current demands of the labour market.

OJT article 1
Orientation Training in Tobago

OJT article 2
Placement & Marketing Officers 
for the South Region

OJT article 3
Members of Staff of the OJT Head Office, Chaguanas

OJT article 5
L to R: OJT Director, Ms. Joann David, Min. of Labour, Hon. Stephen Mc Clashie M.P.,
Placement & Marketing Officer II, Ms. Petrina Cupid

OJT article 6
OJT Director - Ms. Joann David & Human Resource Lead - Carib Glassworks, Mr. Naim Mohammed

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