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Trade Union Development FAQs

How do you register a Trade Union at the Trade Union Division?
A Trade Union/ Association can be registered in accordance with Sections 10 and 18 of the Act, which in summary state that: 

  • any seven (7) or more members of a trade union may apply to register a Trade Union/ Association by completing Form A. Form A is located on our Dowloadable Forms page.

  • Submitting the application together with 2 copies of their rules, a statement of their Asset and Liabilities, as well as a listing of the executive members, with their positions, address, telephone and e-mail contact details.

  • Once the application is approved a payment of $5.00 must be made at any revenue office.

How is a Trade Union decertified?
There are several ways in which a Union can be de-certified. For instance: 

  • In accordance with Section 12 a request can be made by the Trade Union for withdrawal or cancellation. This can be done on Form H. Form H is located on our Dowloadable Forms page. 

  • A Union’s registration can also be cancelled for breach of or non- compliance with the Act. 

  • A trade union can apply for dissolution in accordance with Section 21 by submitting 2 copies of Form Q to the Registrar. Form Q is located on our Dowloadable Forms page.

How many Trade Unions are there in Trinidad and Tobago? 
There are currently eighty six (86) Trade Unions as at January 2018. However, this number is constantly changing as a result of de-certification or new registrations. 

What are the other services of the Trade Union Division? 

  • Provision of Information to other Departments and Ministries 
  • Provision of Information under the Freedom of Information Act 

  • General assistance to members of the public as it relates to Trade Unions 

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