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The Library Unit provides the staff with timely and relevant information which is aligned with the portfolio and developmental thrust of the Ministry. The Library provides:

  • Online Public Access to three (3) Library Databases*(For internal use only):
    Marc21 Bibliographic Database: Allows users to search the Library’s Online Catalogue for books/monographs.  Materials can be accessed by searching via Title, Subject, Author or Call Number.

    Court Judgment Database: Users can quickly access abstracts/summaries of Industrial Relations Trade Disputes using the Company’s Name, Trade Union, Subject Keyword or Suit Number. Please note suit numbers must be entered as TD dispute number/year e.g. TD 12/1978.

    Newspaper Clippings: The newspaper clippings database provides all articles that appeared in the daily newspapers on topics relating to the Ministry’s portfolio and can be searched using Title or Subject Keywords.   
    *All employees can access these databases through the MINISIS Webopac site on the Intranet only or through the site http://library//>

  • Access to an efficient reference service.
  • Loan of non-reference materials
  • Inter-library loans of publications/books/records etc. among other ministries and government agencies

The Unit also accommodates members of the public as they are allowed to use the library’s facilities for reference purposes only providing that their needs are pertinent to the library’s portfolio.

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